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We all have our favourite brands - we’re even stubbornly loyal to some.
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Holistic Branding means 'complete branding'. This epic wheel shown right here showcases the four-phases needed to build a great brand. Branding isn’t just about its logo and identity. It is a long-term strategy that governs transformation, positioning, perception, recognition and loyalty.
Ultimately, Holistic Branding results in the strategic creation of high-value brand assets that connects your business with its target customers - by evolving your business into a purposeful, relatable and well-loved living being.

Why Branding

To simply put, branding is the art and science of influence. Think about it - we live in a capitalist world where we strive to make more money to buy the brands we love. Famous brands know this and continuously invest in brand strategies and assets to ‘influence’ your subconscious mind.







Gain Valuable
Insights And Recommendations
Discover things you didn’t know about your business, brand, customer, competition and market. These insights will help you make better strategic decisions.

Brand Discovery

Help us gain a deep understanding of your business and its activities through interviews, focus groups, analysis, and site visits.

Brand Research

Get your questions answered with consumer, market, and brand insights in the form of qualitative and quantitative data.

Brand Opportunity

Empower your Brand Strategy with deep analysis of your research, discover opportunities and gain consultant recommendations.


Craft A Fireproof Plan That Works For Your Brand
Brand Strategy is a long-term plan for developing your brand’s success - which is defined by your business goals, unique positioning, offerings, and the creation of brand assets

Brand Positioning

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Strategise how you can fight and stay in the minds of your target audience.

Brand Architecture

Organise and differentiate your offerings to help your target audience relate to your brand better.

Brand Activation Plan

Plan the creation of your brand assets based on your goals, campaign, budget, timeline.


Design Your Unique And Lasting Perception
Like a human, your business needs a unique identity to influence perception and stand out from the rest. Create the right identity that catches attention and build trust with your target audience.

Brand Identity

Design your unique verbal and visual identity systems such as your names, voice, taglines, logos, colours, imagery, and more.

Brand Culture

Create employee assets such as an employee kit, uniforms, tools, and workplace environment that promotes loyalty and culture.

Brand Implementation

Produce more assets that help you connect with your audience such as your packaging, retail environment, ads, videos, websites, and content.


Activate Your Brand Across All
Create important brand assets for your brand activation, campaigns, channels, people, and touchpoints. Managing how your brand is well-implemented is essential for creating a memorable and impactful brand experience.

Brand Asset Management

Organise, distribute, and safely store your high-value brand assets with a unified digital asset management system.

Brand Guardianship

Protect your brand with trademarks and domains. Get our Brand Guardians on board to manage your brand implementation.

Brand Development

Continue to develop more assets as you run more marketing campaigns and expand your brand across various countries.

Wow, You've Made It This Far

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are brand assets?

Brand assets are both tangible and intangible tools that you would use to connect with your audience. It ranges from small elements to large collaterals. It consists of many other sub-asset categories such as marketing assets, creative assets, graphic assets, and so on.

Examples of brand assets: logo, name, tagline, colour, identity, trademarks, packaging, mascot, brochures, website, videos, images, content, signages, uniforms, sales kits, music, ads, campaign visuals and messages.

Essentially, anything that you would use to communicate your brand to your customers is considered a brand asset. It is referred to as an asset because it increases your perceived value, equity, and supports revenue generation.

How much does your services cost?

In general, branding and creatives have a large range of costs. It can start from as low as tens of thousands to as high as a few million. Why the big range? Because it depends on these three factors:

1. Your revenue, business, and brand goals
If you’re looking to make RM 10 million this year, train your team to be internationally-ready, expand your business to a new country, and increase your brand engagement by 300% - it just doesn’t make sense to invest 1% of your sales target or RM 100,000 and expect your brand strategies and assets to work.

2. The quality and quantity of your brand assets
If you’re looking for a solid launch strategy, new brand identity, new product packaging, a lead generating website, 10 video ads, 100 articles, 5 press ads, 100 social media content a month, influencer endorsements, media buy, and an updated brand-integrated office interior design - your cost is going to be pretty high.

3. The agency itself
Agency rates are definitely going be more expensive than freelancers. Working with an agency means working with a team of talents - brand strategists, creative and art directors, marketers, video producers, project managers, designers, copywriters, client relation managers, and more. Each agency has its own cost structure and talent investment.

Let us know if you need help estimating a general budget for holistic branding. We provide free consultation for this based on your goals and challenges.

How long does it take to complete a project?

It depends on the scope and size of works. We categorise our works based on three levels.

Program / Campaign
A single program consists of multiple projects and takes months or more than a year to complete. Mindfxxk Creative campaigns go by 3, 6, or 12 months. Our Holistic branding program has four phases, each phase taking about 1-3 months depending on scope. For bigger brands that have expanded to various countries, it will require more phases and a longer time period.

Projects are single deliverables that consist of phases. Projects come in three sizes; small, medium and large. Small projects such as a flyer design can be done in a matter of days. Medium projects such as a 16-page brochure can be done in weeks. Large projects such as a lead generating website can take a month or more.

Every program and project has phases that are crucial to the completion of works. Example, a website project has 7 phases: research, site mapping, wireframing, UX/UI design, web development, prototyping, and launch. Each phase will require your approval before moving forward to the next phase. This will also affect the duration of work completion.

What are your payment terms?

We have three types of payment terms depending on project type and terms.

1. 50% downpayment, and 50% remaining fees upon completion of works.

2. Monthly retainer fees paid at every beginning or end of the month.

3. Full Upfront with 10% off the total invoice.
We do have custom payment terms but will be provided during negotiations.

Do you do proposals for free?

A big yes. However, before we offer these proposals, we will need to get a briefing and onboarding session for us to understand your goals and challenges better. There are two kinds of proposals that we do for free.

3-option Scope of Works Proposal
Holistic Branding can be really big, as the program can last months to a year or more. We break down the estimates for each phase depending on your goals and challenges.

3-option Creative Strategy and Creative Direction Proposal
For creative works, we craft 3 sets of strategies and directions based on your goals and challenges.