Bubble tea culture is a big thing in Malaysia. Yogurt drink? Not so much. That’s where Tien Tien Yogurt comes in. The founders wished to spread the culture of yogurt drinking as it is the healthier alternative compared to bubble tea.
‘Tien Tien’ means ‘everyday’. To help push the yogurt drinking culture to their target audience, we decided a mascot would be best. An innocent, cute and shy rabbit.
We brought the mascot to life with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. Named ‘Little Tien’, he acted as a crucial visual element that anchored the entire brand identity together.
It was taken a step further and made into sticker packs, and as a giant sculpture in frontof the brand’s outlets.
The rabbit became an icon of the brand as the chinese community embraced it wholeheartedly. Lots of hugs, selfies, and photos were taken with the rabbit - and the brand gained organic exposure from loads of user-generated content.