Mah Sing Rebranding
Mah Sing Group’s property division is one of Malaysia’s top property developers since its establishment in 1994.
The group wanted to rebrand in alignment with its new business strategy of developing new-age homes for the new generation. With over 40 projects carrying different names, the brand struggled with recall, consistency, and old-fashioned perception.
Traffic, an Australian branding agency, created their new logo. But the group wanted a local agency to develop its brand identity and implement their brand across all touchpoints.
We started with reorganising their brand architecture. To help with brand recall, future projects will implement the letter ‘M’ in their naming formula.
The brand identity celebrated a unique red-on-red colour system across certain printed collaterals to express ‘rebirth’ akin to a rising phoenix.
The market’s response initially didn’t respond well to the new logo. However, after the new brand is expressed via new property launches and their successful Arts & Lights Property Festival campaign - the market felt the brand was young, innovative, and lifestyle-driven.

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